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May 1

Electric Gates

Electric gates are a popular option for homeowners and businesses when securing their property. These gates are operated electronically and can be opened and closed with a remote control or keypad entry system. They provide a heightened level of security by deterring intruders and preventing unauthorized access.

One of the main advantages of electric gates is their ease of use. With a remote control or keypad, users can open and close the gate without manual labour. In addition, these gates can be integrated with security systems, such as cameras and alarms, to enhance protection further.

Electric gates come in various styles and materials to suit different needs and preferences. They can be made of wrought iron, aluminium, and steel and customized with decorative elements to match the property's existing aesthetic. Some gates even come with solar panels to provide energy-efficient operation.

While electric gates can be more expensive than traditional gates, they offer a long-term investment in safety and convenience. They require minimal maintenance and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Choosing one with experience and expertise in the field is important when looking for a company to install electric gates. BRISTOL FENCING AND GATES is a reputable company specialising in high-quality gates and barriers for residential and commercial properties. They offer a range of electric gate options tailored to the specific needs of their clients.

Electric gates are an excellent choice for those looking to increase security and convenience on their properties. With their ease of use, customization options, and long-term investment, they provide a valuable asset to any property owner. When choosing a company to install electric gates, trust BRISTOL FENCING AND GATES to deliver quality products and services.


Barrier Gates

Barrier Gates are an essential aspect of modern security systems, providing the first line of defence in keeping unauthorized individuals or vehicles from accessing restricted areas. These gates are used in various settings, including commercial establishments, factories, government buildings, parking lots, and private residences. They come in different types and designs, and choosing the right one depends on your security needs and budget.

One of the most popular types of barrier gates is the sliding gate, which is ideal for narrow driveways or areas with limited space. These gates open horizontally along a track, allowing them to move smoothly and quietly. Sliding gates are also excellent for moderate to high traffic flow and are typically made of durable metals for added security.

Swing gates, however, are ideal for large areas and are the most common barrier gates used in residential settings. They open inward or outward like a regular door, and some models come with an automatic feature that allows them to open and close with remote or keypad control. Swing gates are available in different sizes to accommodate various traffic volumes, offering versatility and durability at a reasonable cost.

Barrier arm gates are another barrier that utilizes an arm to block vehicular or pedestrian access to a restricted area. These gates are typically used in commercial establishments and parking garages and can be installed with an automatic or manual control system. They effectively control traffic flow and minimise the risk of unauthorized access.

One of the most essential components of a barrier gate system is the access control system. This system determines who has access to the restricted area and when they can access it. Access control systems can be integrated with biometric readers, key cards, or digital codes to provide secure and flexible access control. They are instrumental in ensuring that only authorized persons can access the restricted area.

Barrier gates are an essential feature of modern security systems, providing the first defence against unauthorized access. Various types of barrier gates are available, including sliding gates, swing gates, and barrier arm gates. Choosing the right type depends on your security needs and budget. Integrated access control systems that incorporate biometric readers, key cards, or digital codes are critical components of a barrier gate system. For all your gate and fencing needs, consult with the experts at BRISTOL FENCING AND GATES to get the best solution for your security needs.


Height Restrictors

Height restrictors are a type of gate designed to limit the height of vehicles passing through a particular entrance or exit point. They typically consist of a horizontal beam fixed at a certain height above the ground, which prevents taller vehicles from passing through. Height restrictors are commonly used in car parks, industrial estates, and other settings where large vehicles may cause damage or pose a safety risk.

One of the key benefits of height restrictors is that they are a cost-effective solution for controlling access to an area. Unlike other types of gates, such as electric or barrier gates, height restrictors don't require any electrical or mechanical components, making them relatively inexpensive to install and maintain. Additionally, because they only restrict access based on height, they are less complex and easier to use than other gate systems.

Height restrictors are versatile and can be customised to suit the needs of the site where they are installed. For example, some height restrictors may be designed only to allow cars or small commercial vehicles to pass, while others may be set at a higher height to accommodate larger trucks or lorries. This flexibility means that height restrictors can be used in a wide range of settings to control access and prevent unauthorised use of an area.

When choosing a height restrictor, it's important to consider a few key factors. Firstly, the height of the restrictor should be chosen based on the average height of the vehicles that will be passing through. Car parks may only need a restrictor set at around 2 metres, while industrial estates may require a restrictor set at 4 metres or higher. Additionally, the material used to construct the restrictor should be strong enough to prevent damage from collisions or impacts and be weather-resistant to ensure a long lifespan.

Overall, height restrictors are a simple and effective way to control access to an area and prevent unauthorised use. Whether you're looking to restrict access to a car park, industrial estate, or any other setting where larger vehicles may pose a safety risk, a height restrictor can provide an affordable and reliable solution for your needs. With various options available to suit different vehicle heights and site requirements, it's easy to find a height restrictor that meets your specific needs and helps keep your premises safe and secure.



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