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Spruce Up Your Home with a Fence

Oct 25

Watch any family movie from 1940s and you will likely see at least one house with white picket fence. These fences - at the very least, those that surround the front yards of houses - are similar in height and appearance. But they're all different. Each house has a unique style.

Fence Builders Oceanside has been used since years to beautify homes and give a feeling of "coming home". The stockade style fence has been around for many years. You know the style: It is made up of several thin panels, each with a pointed top. The stockade worked well as a fence. It separated spaces and created boundaries. From a stylistic perspective, the stockade didn't offer much - especially considering that everyone had one in their backyard.

Today's homeowners are freeing themselves from the "stockade Syndrome", choosing fences with unique designs and embellishments. Not only will they make a style statement, but they can also increase their property's value. Here are some ways to make sure the fence style you select enhances the home's design and makes it more welcoming.

  • Gothic: Gothic fencing offers a more traditional look than a "picket," with each picket having a top edge that resembles a fleur de lis. Gothic designs come in both vinyl and wood materials. Both materials are available with many options for finishes, including solid or stains. Gothic styles are available at a range of heights to match both your front and back yard styles.
  • Full or partial Lattice: This style is suitable for both contemporary and traditional homes. Lattice is also useful in breaking up long fencing lines, tricking your eye into seeing more space.
  • Iron: Iron fencing was very popular in the 18th century and 19th century. This is especially true for larger homes looking to create an estate appearance. A modern or traditional iron fence looks great when paired with a matching gate and depending on the design. Iron fences don't provide privacy and are often used with other fence types in conjunction to enclose backyards or other private areas.
  • Horizontal Plank: Consider this: Most of the fencing uses vertical pickets. This fence is popular for ranch-style owners as well as modern homeowners.

The style of a fence is only one factor. There are many options for fences available today, so you can really personalize your outdoor space. Wood has been the most widely used material. First, it is less expensive than other materials. Second, it can take a wide variety of finishes such as paints and staining. Wooden fencing can also be used to enhance any home style, whether it is rustic or Victorian, depending upon the finish chosen.

Wood can take many different finishes. However, it requires regular maintenance to keep its beauty intact. It doesn't have to look rustic or natural. You can do some scraping, sanding, and priming if you don't want it that way. Natural fencing, even rustic ones, needs occasional treatment to maintain its integrity and last years after years of use. Vinyl fencing options have grown in popularity over the past few years. Even though vinyl fencing in the past looked plastic, modern manufacturing techniques can produce fencing that looks just like wood. Sometimes, it's impossible to tell the difference between them and their wooden counterparts. Even iron fencing can come in many styles, colors, and finishes.

You should not be afraid to install fencing yourself, regardless of the material. This will ensure that it lasts for many years. The process of putting up a fence might seem straightforward. You just need to dig holes, put in some posts, and screw the horizontal sections together. However, it's far more complicated than that. To ensure a fence looks and works properly, it needs to be properly installed. Professional installers will understand your investment. They have the knowledge and skills to ensure that your fence lasts years.


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