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Things to Consider When Hiring a Fence Builder

Oct 5

Protecting and beautifying your property is an important investment. It is both a major investment for the owner and a crucial step in security. The best fence contractor is essential to prevent any problems from arising during or following the installation.
There are seven key strategies that can protect your investment, your property, or both.


Through your first meeting with a fence repair Oceanside CA contractor, you will learn a lot about the person or company you are talking to. Here are some points to remember:

* Do not call the office expecting a generic answer. Every professional company will have a professional answer that includes the name of their company.
* Advertising should include a verifiable location. Many fly-by-night companies won't have a valid address that can be traced.
* Do not hesitate to verify listings with Better Business Bureau. This is a service provided free of charge to assist consumers.
* It's a quick reaction for those who are looking through listings to find the first company. Do not assume that the company listed at the top in a search engine or phone list is an indication of their ability.

Red Flags in Interview

As you are searching for your contractor, here are some additional things to consider:

* Don't be afraid to ask a contractor for an immediate decision.
* Never pay cash if a professional is trying to pressure you. Some businesses offer cash discounts, but this should not be confused by the contractor who requires you to pay cash only.
* Any professional contractor will give a written estimate to you for the services that you have requested. If they do not, you shouldn't do business with them.

Necessary questions

When you talk to your fence contractor or potential general contractors Oceanside CA pro, there are some other details that you can include:

* Which materials do they recommend, and why?
* Check with the fencing company to find out their procedure for replacing or fixing it.
* What is the contractor's track record in keeping within the estimate amount?
* How often do they finish in time?
* Are there any warranties on the work that they do?
* Will the materials you have at the moment be recyclable or used for installation/repair?

Get written estimates from multiple contractors.

Planning 1 - 3

  1. It is important to decide how much labor and materials you are willing to pay when you start planning your fence. Once you have made your decisions, share these details with the fence contractor. After that, confirm that they will work within these guidelines.
    2. You must decide where the fence will be located. Is the fence to be extended across the entire property or a small portion? Will you include two types of fencing? One close to your home and one further away.
    3. You can look through magazines or other properties to get an idea. Take the pictures to the fencing contractor to help you decide what you want. Do not be afraid to ask for assistance or design ideas.

Establish Timeline & Contact Person

You'll need to establish a time frame for the work. You should determine if there are any discount for inability or delays to meet the set goals.

There are many people involved in large jobs. If there are any problems, or questions, you should find out who they are.


Contractors will often offer a guarantee regarding their work. Ask about any guarantees the company offers for the job.

It depends on the material that you use for fencing, but there might be an extended warranty. Automatic gates are available with extended warranties that can last up to 7 years.

You should ask the company what their policies are regarding work. Some companies require full payments upfront, while others require partial payment or at the conclusion of the job.
Do they offer financing? Which credit cards are they accepting?


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