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Do You Need to Re-stain Your Fence or Deck?

Sep 12

Decks can experience minor structural and cosmetic issues, which can lead to serious functional problems. Let's take a closer look at what you can do to fix these problems.

The following are common problems that could affect your deck: weather, type of material used, actual construction, and insects. You will learn how to identify these problems in another post. For now, just be aware that while there are many factors that can impact your deck's condition, others, such materials, and construction, may be within your reach.

A well-maintained deck can add both beauty and functionality to your house. There are a variety of factors that contribute to deck wear and tear over time. The homeowner has the option of either replacing the entire deck or doing a DIY deck repair like deck staining Denver.

What do you do?

Fix & Stain Old Boards

So long as your boards remain sound, you could paint or stain the boards again.

Our front deck was old and looked bad. However, we felt the boards were still in good shape, so it wasn't necessary to replace them. We sanded off any rough edges, and professionals came into re-stain the deck.

If your deck rises above 16 inches from the ground and boards are damaged, it is best to avoid board breaking. Verify the stability of your beams and Joists. If vertical cracks are visible, you may need to replace the base posts.

Warping, Chipping, or Splitting Old Boards.

It might be time to replace your deck entirely if you observe a lot checking, splitting and board movement recessing nuts. Screw hole rust is another indication that the deck may need to be replaced. To check if the wood is soft, you could poke it with an object such as an icepick. This is a sign of water damage. If it were mine, I would replace it. Even the ones that have been badly separated.

If the "splits") are not very deep (mostly or through the entire board), it is what is called "checking", which is normal unfortunately. While they may not be as deep as the actual splits, they are often very large. These are the most commonly used decking boards, and they are 5/4x6 pressure treated southern Yellow Pine deck boards.

The process of checking any grade is normal for this type of decking. The higher grades are more likely to have fewer imperfections or knots.

Make sure your professional who replaces the boards do a good job by creating a level deck, plumb railings, nice cuts, uses proper nails/screws/brackets all around. I prefer a higher grade of wood for my deck to increase its longevity and life expectancy.

Fix & Stain for a tight budget

If you're on a budget and can't replace the deck entirely or some boards, you might consider renting a "square buff", a sander that will give the deck a good sanding.

If boards feel spongy, or are soft, they should be replaced as they are unsafe and not safe. You can color your boards with wood stain Denver.


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