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Fence posts: which class to choose

Feb 7

This year, are you planning to renovate part of your sustainable fence posts? If you opt for softwood (often the most economical alternative) then the question of class arises. What does this correspond to? Which class to choose? Answers in this article!

Wooden equipment is generally made from softwood: partitions, cladding, shelters, stakes, etc. The wood must then be treated thoroughly in an oven to increase its longevity.

Manufacturers are required to give indications related to the future use of the wood, to determine their degree of protection against attacks by insects and fungi related to prolonged humidity.

The "use classes" are numbered from 1 to 5, and correspond to specific uses.

This ranking is important because it indicates the expected service life of your installations.

  • Class 1: sufficient for wooden elements located indoors and not exposed to humidity.
  • Class 2: useful for wood located indoors or under shelter, in an occasionally high humid environment.
  • Class 3: recommended for wood subjected to frequent humidity for relatively short periods, such as for vertical exterior cladding.
  • Class 4: necessary for wood subjected to prolonged humidity in permanent contact with the ground, such as fence posts.
  • Class 5: essential for wood immersed or in constant contact with sea water.

Personally, I am used to using class 4 treated wooden stakes to delimit the pasture area for their aesthetic side. They make it possible to have a reassuring and homogeneous fence.

Regarding the demarcation of paddocks or meadows, I opted for unpeeled and split acacia stakes.

Why? Because while renovating part of my fences, I dug up acacia stakes that had been planted for over a century in very humid pasture and, at the level of contact with the ground, their thickness had greatly diminished, but the stakes held always good! In short, even if the aesthetic aspect is not completely there (raw aspect), I can count on their solidity in any event!

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