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Fence Installation: Is it worth the investment?

Dec 4

There are many benefits to fence installation in your home. Fences offer security, privacy and an attractive addition that can increase property value! The right fencing material will depend on the purpose you want it for- whether its aesthetic appeal or just keeping trespassers out of certain areas.

When looking at different types of fences like vinyl vs wood there's more than one decision which could affect what kind need when buying yours (therefore choosing). Make sure consider all possibilities before making this purchase; from style preference down to where exactly do I put my gate?).

What is your favorite color? We have a variety of fences to suit any taste and budget. From vinyl barriers that will last for years without needing painting or staining, all the way up to steel panels with an elegant design--we've got you covered!


Vinyl Fences

If you are looking for a low maintenance fence that is easy to install with many colors and styles, consider vinyl. A wide variety of options exist including black chain link style fencing as well as picket white wooden-style installations! Vinyl does not require painting or staining so when it becomes necessary in the future downshifting from maintaining your new installation can save yourself significant time on tasks like these ahead of schedule too - making this type even more ideal than expected!

Installing a vinyl fence at your home is the best decision you'll ever make! They're not only safer for kids because of their rounded corners, but also come standard with many colors to match any landscaping style or curb appeal. 

Detroit Fence Company is an installer who has installed thousands upon thousand feet worth off these fences over their career - so don't think about spending hours looking up prices online; we'll take care all those details for you!


Wood Fence

A wood privacy fence is beautiful and traditional, but it does require maintenance. You may want to consider a vinyl or Metal lattice paneling instead if you can't stand the thought of painting your fences on regular intervals--especially since they're so much easier and cheaper in long-term costs! A new wood picket or horizontal fence installation also provides greater security with its added height compared to most standard chain link fences which are available at lower heights sometimes making it easy for someone on foot or even a child riding their bike to easily hop over them!


Chain Link Fence

If you choose an aluminum alloy material such as steel mesh fencing, this might be considered by some people to offer the best of both worlds when considering benefits of each type. You do not have to worry about painting or staining it and its also very durable - which could make up for higher maintenance costs than wood fences possess over time due their natural decay-able materials making repairs necessary more often in certain cases.


The fence is a great investment that will provide you with protection from intruders and also keep those who live there safe! With so many different types of fences out on offer, it's important to do your research before making this decision for yourself.

Fences are important for both property owners and pets alike. Fence types come in varying heights with some being better suited than others at keeping intruders out, so it's best to do your research before deciding what kind! When you've made up your mind about which type of fence will work well on yours and have chosen where installation is going happen too (we can help with that decision as well), then call Detroit Fencing Company because these experts know everything there needs to be done when dealing with fences from start-to finish--whether its new construction or repairs.


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